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Posted by: Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery& Hair Transplantation Centre on 05/08/2017

Hair Loss Solutions and How far Can we go with the Results

Hair Loss Solutions and How far Can we go with the Results

The alternatives are many, but they all give different results and they last differently. The hair loss solution you take up dictates the period of time you will enjoy the results. Knowing the actual cause of hair loss will help you to a great extent.

What are hair transplants?

A majority of hair loss patients opt for hair transplants due to various reasons.

A hair transplant is a surgery, though performed on the outside of the body. In the process, the surgeon removes hair from the donor area and implants it into the slits made in the recipient area. The number of the grafts needed and the type of hair technique are always discussed during the consultation session.

There are mainly two types of hair transplant techniques from which other procedures arise.

FUE and FUT are aesthetically performed on patients with male or female baldness to overcome bald patches. Hair transplant in Visakhapatnam (FUE & FUT) has attracted numerous patients due to the equally trained and experienced surgeons who produce beautiful results.  

The fundamental requirement for receiving the best results that can last for a long period of time is to visit an expert in a well-sophisticated hair transplant clinic. 

Solutions and how much they can last

  • Finasteride and Minoxidil

These are the leading non-surgical treatments with their roots in the UK and the USA. Finasteride is commonly used by men while Minoxidil commonly recommended for women. These drugs are taken orally and they can also be administered through an injection. They help in reducing hair fall and thinning and stimulate hair growth in areas where bald patches are experienced.

They are effective hair loss solutions, but continuously have to be taken by a patient to stop or reduce hair loss. They are associated with numerous side effects equally reduced when an expert is consulted.

  • Hair transplant techniques

This era is taken to be for hair transplant procedures since multiple procedures are conducted in India alone. FUE leads the way where individual hair follicles are harvested from the donor area, after which they are immediately implanted into the recipient region with their tissue. FUT, on the other hand, is a time-consuming technique where a strip of hair is removed, dissected and the individual hair follicles are implanted into the slits dug in the recipient region.

These procedures produce permanent results and natural results that can’t be distorted in a short period of time. Your own hair stimulates the hair cells in the bald region to recover the lost hair.

The results will last for several years when the surgeon combines artistry and aesthetic skills during the procedure. The hair transplant cost in India ranges from Rs. 40,000 and 1 lakh and one must also count the number of hair grafts needed and the treatment cost.

  • Therapies

 They include Stem cell therapy, Mesotherapy, and PRP therapy. They are less invasive and taken on by women or those with small affected areas on the scalp. The results are boosted by other factors like altering one’s diet, stopping smoking, and living a healthier lifestyle. A number of treatments are required to obtain the desired results.

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