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Posted by: on 09/13/2017

How age really affects Fertility

How age really affects Fertility

It is much believed that age is just a number and that may be true with the various cosmetic products that can eliminate all the wrinkles and facial lines much as a woman is in her late 30s 40s. In reality, those stories don’t work on a woman’s fertility.

We have what we call a biological clock, and I almost jumped out of my seat when I remembered that I was 23 without any smoke or a knock on my door for a date, yet I have a friend who is 26 and she is just like me.

Most women intend to embark on producing children in their late 20s or early 30s, but it has been scientifically proved that your age has a great negative or positive impact on your fertility.

Most women are able to conceive without any hassle in their 20s because they still have viable eggs for fertilization, that means many and quality eggs. A woman in her 20s has a 50% chance of getting pregnant easily and the percentage reduces as a woman advances in age.

A woman in her 30s has approximately 20% chances of getting pregnant naturally with a fact that her eggs and quality have greatly diminished and a woman in her 40s has less than 7% chances of conception.

However, the realities of life can’t be escaped and that is why most women end up opting for IVF Treatment in India as a solution for either infertility or delayed conception. In the current era, couples are forced to extend their conception period due to financial constraints, illnesses, or tight work schedules that offer no relief from the job demands.

But on the other hand, a woman must keep track of her fertility in case she desires to start a family in the future. Late pregnancies are associated with various side effects and complications that may even lead to death in some women. It has been observed that women who conceive in their late 30s and in 40s have a 50% chance of miscarriages and delivering low weight babies.

Also, the success chances of IVF treatment cycles are reduced due to different issues such as fibroids, past pelvic infections, poor egg quality and so on. The issue of viable eggs can be solved by egg freezing and sperm banking in an advanced IVF centre in Delhi for future IVF treatment.

That shouldn’t make a woman relaxed since your capacity to carry the pregnancy for 9 months is reduced with age. Also, the chances of multiple pregnancies increases along side genetic abnormalities.

Specialists at Sofat Infertility centre recommend women to follow their fertility with the help of a fertility expert in case they intend to have their own children after several years.

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