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Posted by: on 04/27/2017

PRP treatment to restore hair

PRP treatment to restore hair

Hair is one of the most beautiful natural attribute in a woman and also in men. Men can choose to have less hair on the scalp while 90% of women will love to have long hair.

In the current days, hair is affected by many factors and worst of all them is Alopecia. It is a situation where one loses hair in the body parts where it must grow, such as the scalp, beards, and armpits. Today the battle mainly tackles the scalp because loss of hair on the scalp completely reduces and washes away one’s beauty

There are surgical and non-surgical methods of restoring hair on the scalp in both men and women. In the case of hair transplant in India, where FUT or FUE is used, hair is extracted by a strip or a needle-like instrument and then implanted into the holes made in the recipient area. The temple is the main victim of hair thinning.

Women are less attracted to surgical methods of restoring hair and in most cases get other solutions. PRP is the best treatment that women prefer.

PRP treatment in India uses a patient’s own blood to restore the hair. The Platelet Rich Plasma contains regenerative and re-growth factors that help women achieve better results with stronger hair.

Why women insist on Platelet Rich Plasma?

Nonsurgical treatment

PRP treatment involves no knives or strips which makes it attractive to women. Most women don’t like the fact that they underwent a surgery to get their hair, so they turn to PRP treatment.

Convenient and safe

There are no side-effects like scarring and infections. The procedure is also performed at any time and in a few hours

Natural results and a fuller head

The procedure involves the use of one’s own blood to restore hair in the bald region. At the end, there are no marks that o0ne underwent a restoration procedure to get back her hair


The procedure is less costly and produces long lasting and reliable results

Getting a PRP treatment performed requires one to meet a hair specialist. Through a consultation, the expert examines the whole scalp to determine whether the procedure is fit for you.

Before the procedure, the surgeon may numb the scalp with local anaesthesia and then extract the blood from the scalp.

The blood is taken to the laboratory where the platelet rich plasma is separated from the blood. It is treated and kept until the next appointment where it is injected into the patient’s scalp

The surgeon injects the PRP right in the thinning area for the best results.

 Some lotions or creams may be used before to reduce discomfort during this procedure.

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